Sant Grau d'Ardenya chapel

Address:Carretera Tossa Sant Feliu, 14. 17320 Tossa de Mar
Price: free of charge

Ermita de Sant Grau is located amid the mountains of Ardenyes, also called les Cadiretes, in a beautiful natural environment that also offers a nice viewpoint to the coast, about 360 meters height where it is located. It may have its origins in the thirteenth century, about a legend related to the mother of the catalan king Jaume the Conqueror, Maria of Montpellier, who passed through this place. Last time it was renovated was in nineteenth century and it is possible to reach it on foot, along a long path through the mountains from the center of Tossa de Mar, and by vehicle, because the place is located next to the road.

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Sant Grau d'Ardenya chapel Photos

Ermita Sant Grau, Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

Cross next to the road in Sant Grau chapel, in Tossa de Mar

Mas davant la façana de l'Ermita de Sant Grau, Tossa de Mar

Interior Sant Grau, Tossa de Mar

Foto de época de l'Ermita de Sant Grau, Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

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