Museum of Exile MUME

Address:Carrer Major, 43-47. 17700 La Jonquera
Telephone:972 55 65 33
Price: 4.00 €

MUME is a museum located in the last village of Spain before arriving to France. Therefore, this place was the last one spanish refugees saw when leaving by this route Spain, after the final victory of fascist Franco troops, in 1939. This is a memorial museum that offers the visitors the chance to know how where those difficult years for refugees and important notes about Europe and Spain history in twentieth century.

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Museu Memorial de l'Exili, la Jonquera, Costa Brava

Musée Mémorial de l'Exil, La Jonquera, Costa Brava, Espagne

Edificio del nuevo Museo Memorial del Exilio, conocido como el MUME, en la Jonquera, Costa Brava

Visita guiada al Museu de l'Exili de la Jonquera, clau per entendre el convuls segle XX

Material audiovisual del Museo del Exilio MUME de la Jonquera, Costa Brava

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