Cap de Creus Lighthouse

Address:Carretera de Cadaqués al Cap de Creus. 17488 Cadaqués

The wild Cap de Creus headland, where the Pyrenees crash down to the sea, is the east- ernmost point in the Iberian peninsula; dawn revels take place here every New Year’s Day. A lighthouse dating from 1853 stands in juxtaposition with the fake lighthouse built nearer the edge of the cliff for the 1971 film, The Light at the End of the World. Crowning the clifftop, the Cap de Creus bar and restaurant has a great terrace for soaking in the stunning views and tranquillity.The only sounds you’re likely to hear are seagulls calling and the gentle chugging of fishing boats down below, while sailing boats glide lazily from turquoise cove to rock-strewn beach. The lighthouse is still in operation with an output of 1000W.

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Far Cap de Creus, Cadaqués

Cap de Creus Leuchtturm

Faro del Cap de Creus

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