Dance of Death

Address:La Placeta, 1. 17142 Verges

The Procession of the Dance of Death of Verges is one of the few of its kind that has survived in Europe without interruption from its medieval origins. On the night of Holy Thursday this dance in procession recalls the hour of death with skeletons in a choreography accompanied by other people in black robes and torches that enlighten their dances and create a special atmosphere in the middle of the night. Previously, in the main square of the village, a theatrically staged representation of the Passion of Christ, including the Last Supper.

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Verges Death Dancing procession, Costa Brava, Spain

Dansa de la Mort, Verges, Setmana Santa

Danza de la Muerte, Verges, Semana Santa, Costa Brava

Death: "You never know the hour". Verges procession, Costa Brava

Processó de Verges, Setmana Santa, Girona, Costa Brava

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