Santa Maria de Vilabertran

Address:C/Abadia, 4. 17760 Vilabertran
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Dominating the village of Vilabertran is the former Augustinian monastery of Canònica de Santa Maria de Vilabertran. At its heart is its beautiful Romanesque church, the setting for the marriage on 29th October 1295 of Blanca d'Anjou, to King Jaume II of Aragon, who chose the town for the simple reason that royal weddings bestowed tax-free status on the town hosting it, and Vilabertran was small enough for this not to be a loss in income for the royal coffers.The church is crowned by a magnificent Lombard belfry, consisting of three tiers of double arched windows on all four sides, and has a tranquil XII-century cloister.The interior’s highlight is an ornate XIVth-century gold and silver cross, almost 2m high. The church is the venue for Vilabertran’s prestigious Schubertiada festival a series of concerts devoted to Schubert, held in late August and early September.

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Jesus cross in Santa Maria de Vilabertran

Claustre de Santa Maria de Vilabertran

Santa Maria de Vilabertran cloister

Interior del monasterio de Santa María de Vilabertran

Creu a la Canònica de Santa Maria de Vilabertran

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