Palamós Cannon

Address:c/ Canó de Palamós. 17230 Palamós
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Palamos is a seaside village which for many centuries was hit from pirate attacks, the most famous of which occurred in 1543, when the Turkish pirate Barbarossa bloodshed, killing innocent people, looting, kidnapping ... of that time the Palamós keeps, on a small street off the port, a historic cannon which launched projectiles a foot in diameter to the attackers who anchored on the coast. It is also the inspiration for one of the most joyous habaneras (typical song style in Ampurdan region) of J.L. Ortega Monasterio author: "The cannon of Palamos". Many visitors can not avoid taking a picture perched on the canyon.

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Canó de Palamós amb l'Estelada catalana

Le Canon de Palamós, en face du Port

El histórico y original Cañon de Palamós, Costa Brava

Palamós Cannon, Costa Brava, Spain

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