Cadaqués Indian's Fair

Address:Passeig Marítim Cadaqués. Cadaqués

Cadaqués Indian's Fair takes place the first weekend of June, and it is the most important celebration of its kind kind in the Costa Brava north. It is very popular because we remember the time when its inhabitants emigrated to America (especially to the Caribbean) to make a fortune trying to start a business of tobacco, sugar, rum, etc.. So many visitors wear vintage dress and for this reason and also traditionally prepared products are available. During the weekend there is a market, dances, musical performances, workshops and many other activities for the whole family.

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Cadaqués Indian's Fair Photos

Actuación de baile durante la velada de la Feria de Indianos de Cadaqués, Costa Brava

Se hace de noche en el paseo marítimo de Cadaqués, y bajo las luces de los tenderetes los paseantes echan el último vistazo

Les paradetes de la Fira d'Indians de Cadaqués mostren les seves decoracions artesanes als passejants

Traditional clothes during the Indianos Fair in Cadaqués, Girona, Costa Brava

La Foire Indians de Cadaqués est une excellente opportunité pour visiter le village de Dalí au début de juin

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